Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Prevention Coalition

Mission Statement: Engage the university community to make responsible and educated choices about alcohol and other drugs in support of the standards of the KSU community.


  1. To provide and support clear AOD policies for the campus community (students, faculty, and staff) in order to promote an educational environment free from alcohol abuse and other drug use

  2. To develop and disseminate educational information for members of the campus community regarding alcohol and other drug issues in a collegiate environment for the purpose of preventing alcohol abuse and other drug use

  3. To make available counseling, treatment, and outside referrals if necessary to assist members of the campus community overcome AOD problems

  4. To implement campus policies and activities that promote and reinforce health, responsible living, respect for community and campus standards, individual responsibility, and the intellectual, social, spiritual or ethical, and physical well-being of the members of the campus community

  5. To work towards theses goals in a purposeful and coordinated manner with planning, record keeping, and assessment overseen by one central office charged with this responsibility

Co-Chairs, AOD Education and Prevention Coalition

Michael L. Sanseviro, Ph.D.

Teresa W. Johnston, M. A., LPC